Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween & my favorite scarf

My favorite scarf
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. All of a sudden everyone has permission to be creative and to express themselves in ways that they normally wouldn't feel comfortable doing. I usually end up helping other people with their costumes and I have found it is one of the best ways to see the creative process at work. Once you get an idea it isn't so much about the end result of the costume but the treasure hunt of finding the all the pieces and putting it together, although it is a bonus if people know what you are supposed to be!
I pretty much always end up in a few costume categories. I guess these costumes just fit my personality and style, plus they are always easy to put together with things I already own. My go-to costumes are animals/insects past years include a black cat, raccoon, and dragonfly, butterfly and ladybug but the vampire and gypsy have come out to play a few times before as well. 
So now on to the story of last night's Halloween craziness. Last night my husband and I were not planning to out for Halloween but our housemate came home dressed in a purple cape and headband and convinced us to go out to some parties. So at 10pm I all of  a sudden had to come up with not 1 but 3 halloween costumes... since our purple superhero decided he wanted a new look! Of course my box of halloween stuff was nowhere to be found so my specialty the 5 minute costume began. My husband became an earthquake emergency volunteer with a hard hat, work gloves and orange emergency vest, and the required black eye and face wound. The ex-superhero became a greek god with a white sheet and a crown of ivy from the backyard and I went to my favorite go-to costume the Gypsy!
I love the gypsy because I get to dress up in all my jewelery at once and put my scarf collection to some good use! This time I used my favorite scarf that used to belong to my mom, but somewhere along the way many years ago became mine. I think she bought it in Paris from when we used to live there in the 80's. I love the romantic look of it with beautiful purple vine print and adobe brown background. This scarf has had many uses since I've owned. Who knows where it was before I got it... I've used it as a regular scarf, piece of a halloween costume (this is not the first time!), a few times it's been used to decorate the walls of my room and I've even used it as a belt! Not bad for a simple piece of fabric.

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