Thursday, October 28, 2010

my inspiration

Inspiration. Such a big word, I have found that all my inspiration comes from travel abroad. I love to find treasures on trips from food to crafts and jewelery I can spend hours in a foreign country looking for that perfect item that will always bring back memories of the adventure.

My friends and family have always loved the things I brought back from my travels and on my latest trip I started getting inspired to take this passion of mine to the next level. I went to Israel to see my husband's family and started talking to his aunt who is an amazing artisan. She makes stunning jewelery, leather work and more. She was wearing a beautiful silver necklace that I admired and we started talking about how she sells her pieces in England. I confessed my dream of owning a business finding and selling handcrafted items from around the world and she convinced me that I must start doing right now.
So here was that little push, boost of confidence that I needed to get started. From that seed of a conversation I started meeting other jewelery makers who have a totally unique point of view and style that I can only describe as being unique to Israel.
 This blog is part of my journey to start selling these fabulous pieces made by amazing women that I am proud to know and support. Each blog post will feature a piece from someone I am representing along with a travel photo, person or inspiration that the jewelery brings to mind.

So a big hug and thank you to Sigal for your inspiration and confidence in me! 

This is the first piece that she showed me. A very cool handcrafted silver ring that reminds me of footsteps in the sand. 

The ring reminds me of the amazing beaches in Thailand..see below for a fun footprint pic we took on Koh Phi Phi.

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