Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Saffron?

Why call this blog and business Saffron Style? Because I have found all the elements that intrigue me are somehow captured in the beauty and history of this little flower and it's delicate red stigmas.

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Saffron is an ancient spice that has had an influence on women, fashion and cuisine for centuries. Saffron is  the most expensive spice in the world due to it's delicacy and the fact that it must be hand-picked. Saffron the plant stamens are stunningly beautiful once collected and stored in little jars, but the source the crocus flower is also a beautiful purple specimen.Saffron is known for deep red color that is hard to capture in nature and has inspired many cultures. Buddist use the saffron yellow as the color of their robes, saffron is a key ingredient used to flavor and color Spanish paella, in ancient Rome the crocus flower was the subject of a greek myth,  Really this is just the beginning of the story, saffron has a long and complicated past but in many ways is still as important as ever in many countries and cultures.

You may know what saffron spice looks like but do you know what the crocus flower look like?
crocus flower- Rosalind Creasy
A big thank you to Rosalind Creasy for supplying me this photo. Check out her latest edible gardening book here

As promised here is my jewelery association with saffron. Another fabulous set of handmade silver earrings with a crocus flower purple colored stone from Sigal's collection.

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